What do golf clubs, acne, weight loss and insurance have in common?

They’re all high-traffic, high-converting topics with profitable affiliate products and millions of sales every year…

And they SUCK!

Most niche research courses have ONE major flaw – They don’t take YOU into account and that's what makes them ineffective overtime for 90% of internet marketers.

Watch the 3 minute video below for the solution…

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Discover How to Take What You’re Passionate About, Experienced In, Or Just Plain Enjoy and Make Money with It.


AlexSafieI’m Alex Safie, I’ve been making money online since 2009 and I’ve made most of it with niche marketing.  

I was lucky when I just started out online and made money fast because despite what most niche research courses I read taught, I actually ended up choosing a niche in an area that interests me and that I’m very passionate about and that has allowed me to make a full time income doing something I enjoy.

 But At The Very Beginning I Almost Quit…

Like most people starting out in internet marketing I struggled to make my first sale during the first few months, mostly because I was going after niches I knew nothing about and so getting my prospects to take action was almost impossible.

It was really frustrating, I almost quit, but the vision of freedom a successful internet business would give me kept me going, and I promise myself that I would never give up.

Luckily I Realized What The Problem Was Early On And Was Able To Correct It – The Internet Marketing LIE?

You see, we are constantly being sold on the idea that IM is easy (anyone can do it) and in essence it is  -You just need to find a group of individuals that are looking to solve a problem and provide them with a solution  at a reasonable price  (win – win).

Internet Marketing becomes hard and an endless pit of money and time when the first (and most crucial) step is done wrong.

This costly mistake is responsible for almost all failed internet businesses and it’s what makes most people miss out on the IM lifestyle.

When people choose a niche they know nothing about:

  • It’s almost impossible for them to create effective marketing messages and so sales are isolated events.
  • Creating business building relationships with their prospects and piers becomes extremely hard and so their online business rarely grows or grows very little.
  • Everyday tasks become a drudgery – they don’t enjoy what they do and it comes across. This is one of the main aspects why sales are rarely made.

As an online entrepreneur you NEED to realize that at its core, a web base business is the same as an off-line business – if you don’t provide value you won’t make any money (people are not dumb).

And how can you provide value if you have no experience or know very little about your market?

But making money online IS EASY when you know what you’re talking about.

You Can Capitalize on Any Passion or Interest; You Just Have to Know How to Market It from the Right Angle…

I’ve Done It for myself and for My Students Many Times and I’ll Help YOU Discover How to Find That Angle.

There are hundreds of people making a lot of money in very targeted niches and they all have 1 thing in common –they enjoy what they do and so providing value to their customers and making money is effortless and fun.

Here are just 4 examples (check out their gravity!):

These people are making a lot of money by offering a solution to a VERY SPECIFIC problem or need and they enjoy what they do.

You also have interests, passions or areas of expertise that you can easily turn into money and a nice way of living if you find the right way to market them.

Here are just a few of the many benefits to marketing in a niche you love:

  • When you are a part of the market you know how to sell to it, you are your target market or you are very close to it so you know its needs and wants and what makes your audience take action so you can easily draft very effective marketing copy.
  • You know what are the best products and services on your market and you’ve probably already tried them yourself so you know their strong selling points from a customer perspective.
  • You’re always in the know – so you’re aware when new products or services that you can market to your customers come out.
  • It’s easier to build relationships with your customers and other marketers in your niche because you probably share the same interest – and strong relationships = a strong business.

That’s why I felt obligated to share what I’ve learned from my experience in niche marketing and help other people achieve success online.


This Is Not Your Usual Niche/Market Research Course.

Stealth Niche Research is not a course on hundreds of ways to find niches – is on the ONE proven way to find THE PERFECT NICHE FOR YOU – a niche that has the potential to make you A LOT OF MONEY, but most importantly that you’ll ENJOY working on. Stealth Niche Research is composed by an 80 page PDF, 10 over the shoulder video tutorials and a software.

You see, there are a lot on niche research courses out there – most of them teach outdated methods that aren’t really effective any more in this new “value driven” economy.

And although some courses will really help you find hot niches – what good is a hot niche if it’s in a topic you know little about or you have no interest in?

Can You REALLY Picture Yourself Enjoying Writing About Yeast Infection, Hemorrhoids Or Panic Attacks For The Next 6 Months?


 You see…

“Income is derived by what value we can create for others, therefore do what you enjoy, do it the best, and this will allow you to create the most value”

Garrett Gunderson: Bestselling author and financial adviser

And when you work on a niche you know nothing about, doing the research, creating the content and interacting with customers always feels like hard work.

But when you’re working on a niche you are passionate or knowledgeable about you enjoy the day to day tasks.

“Find a job you’ll love and you’ll never work a day in your life”

Confucius: Chinese teacher and philosopher

But Stealth Niche Research Is So Much More Than Just Finding the Right Niche for You…

Here’s what else you’ll discover inside the course:

  • Buying psychology – Why we buy, what emotions drive our buying behaviors and how to use this for your advantage to make more sales (page 22).
  • What is T-WEB, how to find it, and why you really don’t want to get into a niche, unless it has it (page 17).
  • How to analyze yourself to bring out all the lucrative niches you have inside of you (page 31).
  • The proven process in a step by step format (with videos and a software) to find the perfect niche for you – one that has the potential to make you a lot of money and that you’ll ENJOY working on (page 39). The over-the-shoulder videos are design to take you by the hand through the entire process and make sure you find the best and most lucrative niche for you.
  • The importance of knowing the demographics and psychographics of your audience, where to find this information and how to use it in your marketing to make it more effective (page 62).
  • How to take advantage of the market research that big companies have already made (page 75).
  • And much more…

Stealth Niche Research Also Includes an Incredible Software Program That Will Help You Identify Your Markets Needs by Looking at Their Search Patterns, This Way You’ll Know Exactly HOW and WHAT to Market to Them.

Stealth-Niche-Brainstorm-shrtPeople use different phrases every day to search for solutions to their problems and Stealth Niche Brainstorm can help you pinpoint the keywords that your target audience are using so you can join in on the conversation that’s already going on in their heads – this makes the selling part so much easier.

Doing the kind of research that SNB does manually will take hours of boring work and you won’t get the same results as with this software.

The Stealth Niche Research eBook, videos and Software will help you lay the foundations of a profitable online business so you can achieve the kind of life changing results you’re after.

This Complete Niche Research Package Will Guide You Through A Proven Process That Will Help You Discover The PERFECT Niche For YOU

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

“This product is without a doubt the absolute best thing I have ever purchased. I am one who suffers from shiny new object syndrome. I have heaps of so-called training courses and products laying about on my hard drive because I still had no idea how to really research and locate a product to promote. Now, I will be locating and cleaning the dust off a lot of things on my hard drive.

Previously, I was told the usual “find a product in a niche I am passionate about”. I quickly found that I must be passionate about many things that other people aren’t. The related products I looked at had poor markets. Or no products to promote. Absolutely useless advice. All because I had not been told exactly how to really drill down to find a sub-niche. Now I have a step by step method to follow.

And the crazy thing is that the sub-niche I discovered is one that I really had no idea I was passionate about. Until I followed Alex’s steps and discovered it.

Ripper Alex. You’re the man”

John E. Harmer
“I have wound up buying all of Alex Safie’s products because they are all brilliant, and this one is no exception. Alex has another winner!

Alex’s course explains why it is so critically important to find a niche that is a perfect fit for ME. Sure, I could put up a website selling something I have no knowledge or interest in, selling to a market I don’t know, (or even care about). But eventually, that approach will become a drudgery, a JOB that I would dread doing. I want to enjoy my work and I want to enjoy dealing with my customers.

Stealth Niche Research compliments all the niche software tools I already have and use, but it adds a deeper dimension.

This “no-fluff” course sequences all the niche selection steps into a logical, step-by-step process. I know it may sound like a cliche, but it really is like having a marketing expert guide you the whole way. In my opinion, if you leave out any of the steps Alex covers, then you will be asking for trouble… inviting failure. But if you simply do the steps in the order he covers, you will lay a foundation for years of success in your Internet marketing endeavors.”

Doug Robinson
California, USA
“This is GENIUS! Why?

Alex lays down the mental and physical process you must go through to FIND WHAT YOU LOVE and also how to dominate that market.

Alex shows a very unique way of breaking down niche markets in a way I’ve never seen before with enough research that you can be very confident that your efforts in promoting your LOVED niche will turn a very nice profit for you.

If you chase the MONEY, instead of the VALUE to help others,
you will always find yourself at the short end of the stick or
watching the proverbial BOAT pull away from the dock with
those who are on board being very successful, while you wonder
why – “YOU MISSED the Boat!” What is the difference?

It is NOT Rocket Science. You have to follow a proven formula
or system and Alex lays it all out with a PDF that is easy to read
and accompanying videos. He put his heart and soul into this.

If you do it, the money will come.

Off to do MY niche marketing : ).

Thanks again, Alex! ”

Ms. Kristie Chiles
Georgia, U.S.A.
“I am a fan of Alex Safie because of my experience with his other programs and his attention to his customers.

I am very happy with Stealth Niche Research as it is easy to follow and comes complemented with videos as an added bonus. In the past my niche selection has been hit or miss.

Well not anymore, with what I learned today I have raised the bar 100% with niche selection thanks to Alex.

Thanks man I really appreciate you.

For a small investment I believe you are getting 10 times back your money, easily. You will be absolutely sure of what niche you are getting into without having to waste time or money with testing.

This is one purchase for where I feel I received the better end of the bargain.

You will not be disappointed if you have been struggling with niche selection as your answer is inside this course.

This is an unsolicited and honest opinion from a buying customer. ”

Timothy Gray
Tennessee, USA
“I have been Internet Marketing for close to a year now. My method of finding a niche was, at best, not very well thought out. As Alex alludes to in the training I was the type that would pick niches that I thought I could make money at with not really knowing anything about the niche I was getting into. Furthermore, I wasn’t very passionate about some of the niches I was marketing, because let’s face it how many ways can you really describe a blender!

Stealth Niche Research has changed the way that I go about choosing niches. My research is much more detailed and focused. I also know, through my research, that the niches that I do choose have a higher chance of success. The reasoning behind that thinking is that I know something about the niche I am getting into, which makes me more trustworthy in my authority. Also the research helps drill down to the keywords that are really working and people are buying from.

Alex pretty much takes you by the hand and guides you to finding your niche. I honestly had never thought about all the niches that could be cultivated from the things that I enjoy doing. If you follow the plan step-by-step I think you will see that too. The only regret I have is that this product wasn’t out a year ago because it would have saved some frustration choosing niches that were going to fail.”

Brent Daniels
Lufkin, Texas


Because Another Crucial Aspect For Having A Reliable Online Business Is Having Multiple Traffic Sources I’m Adding As A Special Bonus…

“Evergreen Traffic”


Evergreen Traffic is a 5 part email course designed to give you an overview of the easiest and most effective traffic generation methods that are working today. Scalable techniques that can start driving traffic to your niche website fast. 

Evergreen Traffic reveals:

  • 3 immediate, highly effective ways to increase traffic without spending a dime.
  • The secret method I use to reach people when they need it most.
  • The one tool every site owner is using to drive traffic…incorrectly, and how you can do it right.
  • Powerful resources you already have to drive massive traffic to your site.
  • How to use simple tools to drive repeat traffic to your site over and over again.

Evergreen Traffic is worth $27.00, but I added it as a bonus to Stealth Niche Research so once you’ve chosen the perfect niche you’ll have the power to drive traffic to your website immediately without having to depend on the search engines.

So Stop Wasting Your Time And Money Going After Niches You Know Nothing About and START MAKING MONEY DOING SOMETHING YOU ENJOY.

Stealth Niche Research will provide you with everything you need to lay the foundation of a successful and fulfilling online business.

Here’s what you’re getting:

1. Stealth Niche Research eBook. (worth $97)
2. Stealth Niche Research over the shoulder videos. (worth $67)

3. The Stealth Niche Brainstorm software. (worth $47)
4. Software and product updates for life. (worth $100)
5. Evergreen traffic email course. (worth $27)
6. And a very special surprise bonus for people that act fast

And if after 90 days you decide (for some strange reason) that Stealth Niche Research is not for you just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your money (and you can keep the software and the bonuses) – So the risk is all on me.

And I say STRANGE because check out some of the testimonials of people that have already gone through this course.

“I have all of Alex’s products and I must say they are all FIRST CLASS. He never puts anything out that is not tested and retested to make sure it does what it is suppose to do.

I have seen products that cost 10 times what Alex’s products cost and they didn’t do the job as well.

When it comes to finding niches or keywords there are no better products available that Alex’s.

If you are interested in finding those niches that will make you money, then you will definitely want to get Stealth Niche Research as it is defenetly worth much more than what Alex is asking for it. ”

Herschel Lawhorn
United States, North Carolina
“Everything Alex produces is worth every penny. Well thought out and really well laid out plus top notch customer service!!!
Brian Welsh
Cheshire UK
“Alex is one of the ‘very’ few guys in IM that actually delivers AND offers seriously great support!

I’ve been using both of his other programs for over a year now. The fact that I love them kind of goes without saying – but the point is that they are updated regularly!

In fact the update process is built in PLUS this guy responds to my emails!

Get this and worry about how to work it later.”

Clive McGonigal
London UK
“I have all of Alex’s Stealth programs and needed to seek help from him a number of times.

Not only are his programs incredible, fantastic and extremely good value for the money.

His support is second to none.

If he had offered to sell me a bag of chicken heads saying I could sell them for a profit, I would have bought them as he is also very honest, ethical and trustworthy.

Take my advice. Don’t miss out on anything Alex offers.”

Dr. Robert Shields Harlow
Essex, England, U.K.
“Alex is a genius who apparently majored in engineering, marketing, and psychology:

=>Alex’s popular Stealth Keyword software works perfectly to find BUYER keywords, providing all the information AND ratings we need on ONE screen!

=>Alex understands what buyers want. His useful free newsletter is one of the few I actually read.

=>Alex knows how to build a sustainable and satisfying business. Just find and choose niches which pair our passionate interests with real profits.

Bottom Line: Alex gives us all these niche software and strategy advantages in Stealth Niche Research. We’ll end up with actionable answers, not another 17 megabytes of digital dust. ”

Mary Greene
Maryland, USA.
“This is great training anyone even thinking of niche marketing needs to go through, the guide is well laid out and providing you take action it is very difficult not make a success of it.

Well done Alex, another great product”

David Henry

The Internet Is Growing At An Amazing Rate; It’s Estimated That In 2013 It Will Have 2.5 BILLION Users And  A Huge % Of People Use The Web To Find Solutions To Their Specific Problems Or Needs – So There’s No Better Time Than Now To Take Advantage Of This Once In A Life Time Opportunity

Many of my colleagues and students have told me that I could easily sell this complete niche marketing package for $297.00 (which I’ll do in the future). But as a special limited time price and because I’m looking forward to your feedback you can get it all for just $37.00.

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GuaranteeBox copia

So Just click on the buy button below to secure you copy of STEALTH NICHE RESEARCH at the lowest price possible and discover THE PERFECT NICHE FOR YOU.

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But today you can have access to this life / business changing information for…

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Believe in yourself, because with the right tools and knowledge you can be successful in internet marketing or in whatever you set out to do…

Earl Nightingale said the 3 words that every entrepreneur must tattoo in his brain, “believe and succeed”

But nothing happens until something moves… you must take action, use what you learn and apply it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because you learn more from your mistakes than from your triumphs (believe me, I know this from experience).

All the best,


Alex Safie
(305) 407-3484





You won’t find a course like this (and at this special price) anywhere else – this is current and relevant information about what’s working today and what will work in the future because even as technology changes and adapts, you’ll still be here, serving this single market to the best of your ability. And this is the perfect time to get into niche marketing, which by the way is the most sustainable way to make money online. You’ve read the testimonials so you know that this works and your purchase is backed up by a full money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, so just click on the buy button below to get this today.

P.P. S. I will always be available to completely and fully support you and answer any questions you may have about the course, you can contact me anytime at Stealth Help Desk.

“I have been using Stealth Niche Research Guide in combination with Stealth Keyword Digger since a few months. Getting the two products has been the best investment I have done after spending lot of money in lots of products online.

Using SKD and applying your niche research methods I found a noncompetitive niche with more than 6600 exact search results in Google. In a couple of months my site was on the first page of Google search for my competing word, and during lasts weeks I am competing for the first position!!

But the most important, I have started making money online for the first time.

Thanks a lot Alex. You have been always very accessible and helpful when I have needed.”

Juan Jose Jimenez
Madrid, Spain

“Just reading a few pages into the Stealth Niche Research eBook and trying out the user-friendly Stealth Niche Brainstorm software, I knew that Alex is the REAL DEAL and he knows his stuff very well.

Having not just over-delivered on this product, Alex’s email newsletter is the best newsletter on Internet Marketing I have ever subscribed to. In fact, it’s the only email newsletter I bother to spend time reading it more than once. No spam, no B.S. PURE QUALITY CONTENT!

I’m so delighted to have bought this product and will strongly recommend anyone who wants to succeed in this competitive online world to purchase Stealth Niche Research. It’s the one small step towards your one big leap of success! Thanks Alex!”

Jeremy Ong

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